Would you like to buy a boat?

You don’t just buy a boat. You want the freedom to gently float on the water, the independence of braving the sea or a lake, or perhaps, you want a boat as an extra getaway; a type of holiday home on the water. A boat ensures fun and takes you to another world. Enjoyment, relaxation, and getting away from the daily grind. Relaxing on your boat with your partner, your family, or maybe with a group of friends. Preferably, with a bite to eat and a refreshing beverage, while enjoying the sun’s warmth. You don’t just buy any boat. No, you buy the boat of your dreams! Jachtmakelaardij Kappers will gladly help you with this!


Here, you will find your perfect boat

Jachtmakelaardij Kappers is at the ready for you seven days a week. You are more than welcome at our selling harbour, where you can view all our ships. You can view the boats up close, board them and ask us all your questions. We provide tailor-made advice.

There are approximately fifty ships – ranging between 10 and 20 metres – berthed in our selling harbour. A gigantic assortment, providing you with the opportunity of easily comparing different ships. Buying a boat is all about emotion, which means you must have the time and space to properly view the boats you are interested in. Perhaps you might have seen a boat on the Internet prior to visiting, but while visiting, fall in love with an entirely different boat. We make sure that you find the boat that suits you.

Haven’t immediately found the boat for you? No worries – we will continue to look for you, and once we think we’ve found the right boat for you, we will contact you. At Jachtmakelaardij Kappers, you are ensured of good service and quality.

The inspection

It is advisable to have your boat inspected by an independent Hiswa expert. This way, you adhere to your investigation obligation and you gain more insight into the state of the boat. It is entirely up to you when you would like to have the boat inspected.

This inspection takes roughly a day and consists of the following:

  • A test sail;
  • Taking the boat out of the water;
  • Underwater inspection;
  • Checking all systems;
  • Checking electricity;
  • Motor inspection.
  • After the inspection, you have a clear view of the boat’s condition.

 Niculina & Carsten from Denmark: “We’d offer our highest recommendations to any potential customer, and would not hesitate to make dealings with you again in the future”.

Judicial transfer

The boat has been approved and you cannot wait to take it out on the water. Before we can transfer the boat to you, a judicial transfer must take place. We check whether the VAT has been paid, whether there is a mortgage on the ship and whether the ship is registered to the correct name in the ship cadastre.

If all this is in order, you can sign the purchasing agreement and the deed of delivery. Our transactions are conducted through Stichting Derdengelden (Third-party Trust Account Foundation). This gives you optimal financial security. The definition of carefree boat purchasing.

Also visit our selling harbour and, who knows, you might also fall in love with one of our beautiful ships. The step towards freedom is closer than you think.

Would you like to purchase a boat? Please contact us for more details.