Situations may arise that cause you to lack the time or the opportunity to drive your boat to its desired destination. We can unburden you of this situation entirely. Broadly speaking, there are two options:

Transport on your own yacht
For relatively small distances, it is often attractive to have your boat driven to its location by a professional skipper; possibly with crew. Naturally, the skipper has all the necessary documents and handles your boat with the greatest possible care.

Transport by road
For longer distances, it could be more appealing to have your boat transported by road. When using road transport, your boat does not have to suffer travelling many miles over water and is not dependent on the weather, providing you with more certainty regarding its day of arrival.

Even if you want to berth your boat in our selling harbour, but you don’t see an opportunity for doing this yourself, we can be of assistance.

Contact us and tell us what your wishes are, so that we can present a suitable solution.